October 21, 2017

It's Okay to be Hungry

Isn't it funny how in the USA we are so spoiled with everything readily available to us almost on demand that the moment our bellies growl even once we think we are starving and immediately seek out food to help satisfy?! AND--we even have the gall after claiming we are starving to complain or decide that what is readily on hand isn't what we want! 

Well, over the past couple of years I've learned that you won't die just because your belly growls! It's okay to actually be hungry! I've realized that it is necessary to allow yourself to be truly hungry if you want to lose weight. Fight through the cravings and deny yourself once in awhile! It is better to go to bed slightly hungry than so full that your body has no choice but to store up the calories you just inhaled as fat that continually grows your body. I need to get myself back in the practice of this. Cravings are hard! But if you keep busy and make yourself think of something else, you can bring those cravings under control. One thing I realized over the past couple years is that not staying busy, sitting around and allowing yourself to be bored adds to the trouble. Everyone eats more when not staying busy. I know a young man personally, who when he was a teen decided to lose weight. He did so by cutting back on his portions and on how often he ate. He said he did something active to get through the cravings for food. He roller bladed, he took a walk, he rode his bike, he jumped on the trampoline, etc. He said this occupied his mind so that he didn't think about food. 

Now, to a spiritual side of things. God said in Psalm 34:10 --The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.

Matthew 5:6 -- Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Psalm 107:9 -- For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry with goodness.

Proverbs 27:7 -- The full soul loatheth an honeycomb, but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.

When you are already full, you no longer want the good things in front of you. 

We are to hunger after the things of God. We are to desire them in other words. When I am fasting in prayer for a time, I read my Bible or pray every time my belly growls. 

One thing I know, is that the more you feed on God's Word and listen to preaching the more you will crave it. You will continue to be hungry for it if you don't fill up on things of the world. 

Just some food for thought! 

October 20, 2017

Where You Lead I Will Follow

Gillmore Girls theme song says "Where you lead,I will follow..Any,Anywhere that you tell me to", and over the past couple of years this has been an inside joke or phrase between Bob and me. I have been following him as the head of our home and ministry for years now. I can't say that I have never ever dug my heels in at times and resisted our moving in a new direction but ultimately, I make the decision to follow where he leads. It is what the Bible says I am supposed to do. And, by the way, it doesn't say I am to submit only if he is godly! (that's another topic for another day however) The only time we are allowed leeway in the Bible about this is if our husband is asking us to do something contrary to God's Word. 

This does not mean, however, that there can never be a discussion or a wife's input on a matter. It DOES mean that in the end, it's his call. He is the leader of the home and he is the one who will answer to God for how he lead. We have Bible example that blessings and cursings on a family often come directly as a result of the man. 

As this should be a wife's attitude towards her husband --where you lead I will follow-- it should also be the attitude of every Christian towards God. Only when we are totally submitted to God and His authority over our lives and being willing to go and do as He prods or burdens us to do, can we have true peace and joy. It is a most miserable Christian who resists the will of God!! As part of our prayer life, we should include where you lead I will follow...any, anywhere that you tell me to. The cause of Jesus,and ministry (including but not limited to...preaching, teaching a class, going to a mission field, volunteering to help around the church, witnessing to others, etc.) is diminishing around the world because fewer and fewer Christians are willing to go and do where God leads!!!

How about you? As a wife are you willing to follow your husband? 

As a Christian are you willing to follow anywhere? Whatever or wherever God asks is a sometimes scary prayer to pray because what and where He wants of us may be difficult. He has never promised an easy road only that He will be there beside us through it all to pick us up when we stumble, to comfort us when we are frightened, to praise about us to Satan (check the story of Job!) when we are living right, and to just help. 

Maybe He's asking you to go through a difficult trial to mold and shape you into what He wants. Maybe He's asking you to witness to a neighbor, maybe to go to a foreign place to win souls, maybe to start a new ministry in your church, maybe to call someone to encourage them and let them know they are thought of, maybe just maybe He's reminding you to be faithful to your church in attending and giving. This is only a partial list but the point is to be yielded, submitted to where God leads you! 

October 3, 2017

I Am A Princess

 I am a child of the King of Kings which makes me a princess! :) During Sunday school the other day, Bob read a little story illustration where a king was telling his daughter to do something to which the daughter replied that she was a princess and could do whatever she wanted. The king in the story told her that she was indeed a princess and because of this she had great responsibility and COULD NOT do whatever she wanted. This was true but my thoughts as Bob told it was that the king's reply should have been that she was a princess because of him. The fact that she was born HIS daughter was the only reason she was a princess! It was not through anything she had done or that she had earned it. It is pretty much the same with us. We are born---"born again" into the family of God by trusting in what Jesus did on the cross. HE does it all! The only thing we do is accept (or make a choice to put our faith in what He did). God made this possible because He loved mankind so much.

We become royalty when we are born again (get saved, accept Christ) and that makes us all either a prince or a princess because we are now children of the King. If you have done this, it should bring a smile to your face. It should also remind you that it is wrong to decide you can do whatever you want or act arrogant in the fact because it certainly brings responsibility. Responsibility to the rest of the world around you in your testimony -- which becomes useless when you choose to do whatever you want because your sins are forgiven or because you have "Christian liberty". (this is usually misused and misinterpreted!--keep reading past that verse!) You will become a stumbling block when you decide to live as you choose or for self instead of the King and His agenda. 

Great responsibility to help others become a prince or princess and join the family. The only reason we are not taken on to heaven in the next minute after accepting Jesus as Savior is to fulfill God's will and plan of reaching others for Him and glorifying God. 

Each Christian should remember that they are now royalty and heirs to the throne of Grace. ----So, live like it! Live so that others can tell you are royalty and live so they will want to listen to you and become a part of your royal family! 

September 28, 2017

Where the Parents Are!

Last week I saw a post on Facebook about drug addiction and about the question that's often asked of "where were the parents?" It was very well written and carried much truth. This post is in no way going to contradict the message in that post. It is agreeing with it and maybe even expanding upon it. Also, I want to state right here and now that what I write today is not in any way intended to bring hurt, shame or judgment upon any parent who has done their best by their child. It is by the Grace of God that neither my daughter or son drank, did drugs or got into any real rebellion. I praise the Lord often for that!! Just as I often praise Him for their healthy bodies and minds along with my grandchildren. My heart aches for parents who have lived through the worst imaginable things with their children -- both physically and emotionally. Some of my dear close friends are my "God questions" when I get to heaven for what they've had to go through. 

Anyhoo, back on topic. For all those people sitting in judgment of parents with children who become addicted to drugs and wonder where were the parents -- I've watched first hand as relatives and dear friends cried, fought for, prayed over, begged, practiced tough love, practiced compassion, helped them into rehab, welcomed them home afterward, stood by them, weeped and worried over their safety, dealt with guilt over their occasional thought of "maybe it would be better if my child went on to heaven", dealt with anger and bitterness, and continued to love their child during every moment mentioned! I've watched and know their hearts!

Yes, there are many drug addicts out there in the world who are re-living what they watched their parents do, but those I know personally, did NOT. Did the parents do everything right? Did they ever make a mistake where their child was concerned? Only God knows that truly. What is done with one child or what one child may be exposed to or influenced by will effect each child differently. What brings down one person will not even have an effect on another. Sometimes the slightest little thing will bear future heartache for life. 

I can say with absolute certainty that they all loved and love their child and did the very best they knew how to do at the time. That is what matters! Because, in each case, and there are several, the parents were and are there. They were pleading, fighting and doing all they knew to do. The addicts were not repeating a vicious cycle they had learned as sometimes is the case. Each one, however, made their own choices and that lead to their trouble. 

See, as parents it is our job to train, to do the best we know how to do and protect our children and teach them to grow up and live responsible, productive lives. We cannot lock them in a room and just forbid as a form of protection. Eventually, after we train, we must allow them to test and practice the training we gave. Here's the thing, in the end, despite what we've done our best to teach, they will make their own choices. They're like people that way! lol Sometimes, one small choice can have ramifications for the rest of your life. After the training, all that's left is prayer and being there for them as cheerleaders when good choices are made and to help with mistakes and yes, even pick up the pieces of broken lives and help them to mend. 

So, let's try backing off the judgment of other parents when you know nothing of the situation! I hope if you have ever been guilty of wondering where the parents were when a child gets into trouble, this post will make you stop and consider that maybe the parent was and is there. 

September 19, 2017

The Time That Remains

I went to a ladies conference recently and one of the speakers mentioned that all we have is the time that remains. There has never been a truer statement!

This blog is called Journey Through My Dash and it's about the dash between my birth date and my future death date. But, all I have is the time that remains in that dash to accomplish my goals. 

I sometimes talk about things in my past - things from earlier in my dash. Mostly I give opinions and thoughts I have currently. I do, however, have dreams and goals for my future. It is a sobering thought to think about the time that remains being all I have. 

At some point in the future be it in an hour, a day, a month or several years from now, the Lord will call me home. In that time, I want to influence my grandchildren, my extended family members, my church family members, my town and yes my country and even other parts of the world. 

One thing that was brought out at the conference I attended was that it matters not at all what you and your life was like previous to this day because what matters is the time you have left. Whether you were a scoundrel or a super sweet person who was always kind, what only matters is who you are and become in the time that remains of your life. We are daily free to choose a different path than before, to make different choices than before --for good or bad and we must always, ALWAYS remember that we are constantly teaching others whether we realize it or not for good or for bad. 

My advice (though unsolicited) is that you make great use of every teachable moment that exposes itself to you for molding and shaping everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis. If you do not like who you have previously been, change! Make different choices. 

The Bible tells us to redeem the time...so make wise and good choices in the time that remains. We don't have forever here on earth. Leave your mark! Leave a legacy to your loved ones! Everyone has the same 24 hrs in a day.

Just a thought provoker!

September 16, 2017

What Accompanies Salvation?

I've been reading in Hebrews lately and read verse 6:9 this morning. But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak. 

Quite a thought provoking verse! The writer is writing to Jewish Christians and he tells them basically that we expect better of you and we expect to see in you all the things that accompany salvation. Hmmm! 

It made me stop and ponder on what comes with salvation. The first thing I was aware of upon my salvation was joy. Joy that my future was secure and I would not have to suffer in hell. Joy over the sights of heaven I'd one day see. With that joy came peace. 

Beyond that, learning what comes with salvation came over time. I was taught about witnessing to others so they could also have salvation. With salvation comes learning to live as righteous a life as possible and to seek forgiveness when I mess up. With salvation comes desiring to study God's Word and understand what He expects of my life. With salvation should also come a desire to fellowship with like minded people in a church where you can be fed on the Bible. 

To whom much is given, much is required. I've always said with great knowledge comes great responsibility. We are given so much in salvation. God requires much in return. 

Salvation is so much more than escaping hell. Read the Bible and you will see! 

Just a thought provoker today.

August 29, 2017

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Has anyone else noticed that whenever it seems this country is at an all time high of hate and fragmentation and division that God sends some catastrophe or major incident to put things into perspective for everyone?! Recently there was protesting in several areas of the nation where chaos and turmoil broke out. There is no doubt that hatred for their neighbor and brethren were at stake. Race lines have been drawn, political parties have been drawn, economic lines have been drawn and yet in the wake of Hurricane Harvey all that has been set aside and none of it matters as people of all walks of life come together to help. 

It's too bad it always takes something so drastic to bring people back together and show what really matters....LIFE! Human beings caring for one another's needs, giving sacrificially, lifting one another's burdens. Just doing right for a change and doing it in a heart of love! My eyes are teared over as I type this. This is the type of thing that reminds us of the Good Samaritan story in Scripture. 

Hey, search online and on Facebook for pictures of everyday folks helping one another no matter what skin color, economic status or ideals they carry. It will lift your heart as yes, there is tragedy for many but there is giving and loving of those in the midst of the tragedy. This, this is the core of what in the past has made America great!!! No one cares what color, whether rich or poor, whether they agree politically or not....they are just helping. Isn't that what Jesus would want? Everyday!?