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April 11, 2017

Noah's Ark Series Lesson 3

Having Fixed Points in a Changing World
Matt. 7:24-27, Heb. 12:25-28

In a world of constant change there are some things in life that are fixed points. They don't change. they can be counted on.
--Navigators can count on the North Star
--Builders trust in plumb lines
--Musicians depend on set notes

Psychologists say that change is hard for most people - even good changes.
--change is threatening, frightening, & intimidating
--most people resist it  and down right avoid it

Psychologists also say that the best way to adjust to change is to remember and focus on some fixed points in our life.
--Fixed points are things we can trust & commit to
--Little kids learn this at a very young age - when they go into a new situation, they usually reach for & cling to a security blanket, teddy bear, or other toy, mom, dad or even their thumb because they want something that they know & makes them feel secure

So, what are some fixed points for us as our world shudders, shakes and we go through trials?
Heb. 13:8 tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

Because of this He gives us strong foundations to build upon
Let's look at some fixed points in anyone's life....

I. Truth
--Sometimes it is hard to sort out lies from truth but we can use Jesus as a measuring stick
--We need to measure everything we see, read or hear by the standard of truth found in God's Word
--If it goes against what Scripture says--it CANNOT be truth!
--By the way, God will NOT impress upon you to do something that goes against His Word
-- For instance, God doesn't impress upon people to murder someone, steal from others or even get a divorce - when someone chooses to do those things they have made up their own minds because God would not urge someone to do something contrary to His Word

Prov. 23:23 tells us to buy the truth and sell it not
John 14:6 - Jesus tells us He is the truth
Rom. 3:4  says that God is true and every man a liar

--When Satan makes us doubt - cling to the truths of the Bible

II. Love
--We love him because he first loved us - this is the only reason we know about love

Rom. 8:38-39 - Once we get saved, we become God's child and we can't be separated from his love
--even when we think that no one on earth loves us, we can rest assured of God's love for us

**True love is that which gives expecting nothing in return

III. God
--He is immutable or unchangeable
Ps. 102:27, Mal. 3;6, Rev. 1:8

Though God allows and sometimes even brings changes in our lives, we can trust Him for He is unchanging -- He is always just, always fair, and always loving even when He brings His wrath. Everything He does is for our good and for His glory

IV. God's Word 
--it endures forever
Ps. 119:89, Is. 40:8, Matt. 24:35, 1 Peter 1:25

--when we go through trials we can search the Bible for comfort and also for what to do

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