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May 9, 2017

Building Strong Muscles

We are having Revival meetings this week and the preacher said something Sunday night that triggered this thought. He talked about building our spiritual muscles is just like building our physical muscles. How true!!

If you do not want weak muscles you must exercise to build them up and make them strong. In the same manner, we must also exercise spiritually. Sometimes God forces us to do this! ---because we know that what is not used grows weak. 

One way we exercise spiritually is to read our Bibles and study it. Another way is by spending time in prayer both in thanksgiving, and in asking for help for ourselves and others. Yet another way to exercise spiritually is to go to church and spend time with other Christians. One of the best ways is to have open discussions about God's Word with friends, family and other church members. (Iron sharpeneth iron!) 

Sometimes God uses trials or just every day situations to build our spiritual muscles by forcing us to rely on Him. By allowing us to go through the fiery trials and then letting us see the outcome He had planned. Letting us experience His good for us and His glory, builds our faith like nothing else. 

Some folks continue to have weak spiritual muscles because they do not exercise them.  They coast along on the coattails of others or just meandering through life without a care in the world for staying strong spiritually. Eventually, they will be too weak to fight against the fiery darts that come their way. This will lead them to turn from church and God and they will be left with nothing but anger, bitterness, cynicism, apathy, and sarcasm towards the things of God. In reality it was their own lack of muscle building, yet they will blame God and God's servants. 

How about you? Do you exercise on a regular basis to build your spiritual muscles? If you have been lax in this area and allowed yourself to become weak, there's no better time like the present to start your spiritual exercising.

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