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June 7, 2017

Remembering Your Place

Whenever someone decides to stand up to someone bigger, more powerful, older, or the authority over them, often they get told "You forget your place!". Well, whenever this happens to you as a Christian, when you are quoting and believing the truth of Scripture, it's ok to reply, "My place is standing firmly on God's Word". This is our place as Christians! 

As you remember your place you must also remember that along with being able to stand on the Word of God, comes a home in heaven, being part of God's family, blessings from your heavenly Father, correction from your heavenly Father, bold access to the throne of grace where you can pray openly and forgiveness.

Sounds like a pretty good place to me! It's a place to seek comfort and peace in your heart and mind in the above knowledge.  Not only should it bring comfort and peace, it should bring boldness to make the statement, "My place is standing firmly on God's Word".

Just some encouragement for your week.

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